Saturday, August 28, 2010

Catching up....

This is going to be a hodge podge of happens to get me caught up.

Here's a name frame I made for a new baby at church. Jax is adorable, and I can't wait until he makes his way into the nursery. Perks of being nursery mom.....get to love on all of the babies :)

Next is a little disaster w/ a glue bottle. I was working on a layout for Sweet Memories Birthday Bash using some fresh out of the box CHA goodies. I was so excited b/c I had a game plan - yummy Prima papers & one of my favorite pictures of J ever. I did some pleating on the paper to make a border & thought Scotch Quick Dry glue was the best choice of adhesive. WRONG!I had a glue explosion.

Jennifer had something similar happen a few years ago. She tried to tell me, but I loved this glue so much that I was in denial. No more! So scrapbookers beware - this glue is the devil!

The Birthday Bash was a blast. But I had another scrapbooking accident. Of no fault of my own, I am now sporting a broken bone in my foot!

JenRuhlz & I were in charge of games. Let's just say we had an over zealous participant and she slide into me like home plate. Best I can tell her knee hit my foot. It is a bummer b/c I had began running about 3 weeks ago. I am hoping for a quick recovery so I can still run the NPCA 5K in November.

And lastly, as if Monday's aren't bad enough, last Monday J brought home her band instrument - a trumpet!

I have banned her to her room while she is practicing. I know, but this mom has to keep her sanity!

Take care!

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Janell said...

well, the good thing about the glue incident is that you didn't splatter it all over debbie shuh or any other scrapbook "celeb"....unlike someone else i know (cough cough jen cough).


(have you considered taking up knitting as a hobby???...oh but wait, that would require the use of long sharp instruments, never mind)