Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hello blog, did you miss me? I would say that I have missed you, but life has just been too busy....

I went to Atlanta Fest with one of my girlfriends on Thursday and Friday. It was AWESOME! We heard some great music, and some very inspiring speakers. Just what I needed. The highlights were hearing a speaker who was born w/ no limbs, Nick Vujici, and meeting Brandon Heath as I got a shirt signed for J. Here's a couple of pictures (yes, I am soaking wet from rain!):

J made it home safely from camp. She was wiped out, but she had such a good time. Our new children's pastor is such a blessing, and our kids LOVE him! Here's she is dragging off of the "Screaming Eagle" (which the kids want to drive off of a cliff into a huge lake - air went out on the way home).

On Sunday, we had our annual June birthday party at the Stogner's. Judith had the BRILLIANT idea to put candles on the cake for the total ages of all of the June birthdays.

Seemed like a feasible idea....until we lit them all.

I seriously thought we were going to burn my grandmother's house down - lol!

That's enough for today. Next few posts will be about our beach trip & a surpise luau for my mother-in-law's 60th birthday.

Make the most of your summer!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's very quiet around here...

That's not exactly something that we are used to around here :)

Right now, we are missing this girl:

J has gone to Kidz Kamp w/ our church. She has never been away from home w/o us, so it is kind of a big deal. Our little girl is lovin' life right now b/c of her new-found freedom & hanging w/ 40 other kids and our wild-n-crazy Kidz pastor. Her daddy isn't faring so well. The first day was horrible, but now that we are on day 3, he is settling in. ;)

Here is the gang w/ all of their "stuff":

And here is Ms Thang waiting to get on the bus and acting too cool for school!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reality bytes

2 of my fav bloggers (Stephanie & Michelle) have posts today about blogs and are they really reality. Do we cover up the nitty gritty, and show only the shiny sides of life?

These posts came at a time where I am really struggling w/ the whole blog thing. Why do I blog? Would anyone miss me if I didn't? What things can I do to be more consitant?

To be honest w/ you, I read a lot of blogs that seem very personal, and I often think that people wouldn't want to read that much about me. On the otherhand, those are the blogs that I enjoy most & the people that I feel like I know best in the cyber world.

I don't blog a lot because I struggle w/ what is "blog-worthy" - is it funny enough, is it clever, would someone get something out of my content? I guess I tend to blog the momentous things/projects or things that I think the average reader might like. By doing this, I suppose I am robbing you of the opportunity to see the "real" me. Do you even care to know the "real" me? In fact, is this thing even on?

Well, here you go..... Here are some hard-core "real" facts about me - the good, the bad, the ugly :)

* My dining room table is always covered up w/ mail, books, whatever..... It is the first flat spot that you come to from the front door, and every thing lands there. I try as I might to keep it cleaned off, but no such luck!

* I watch waaaaayyyyy to much junky TV. At my age, I should not have a clue as to who Snooki and The Situation are - but I do (dirty little secret that I have never admitted to). I am also glued to the TV every Wed night for Toddlers and Tiaras and Sunday afternoons for Bridezillas. And.....I LOVE Cheslea Lately - there, I said it! And Joel McHale...yeah, he is the sexiest man on TV.

* My worst habit is interupting people. It is not b/c I think what I have to say is more important - my brain is getting older and I can't remember anything for more than 3 seconds! You gotta let me get it out before I forget :)-

* I am by nature an upbeat person. I try to see the good in all situations. Makes life very interested being married to a law enforcement officer who sees the real shady side of life.

* I absolutely HATE conflict! I don't know so much if I have always had this characteristic. or if it ripened w/ age. I literally get very anxious when people I like/love are in conflict w/ one another, or even complete strangers. You know how women love a good cat fight - NOT ME! I hate it. I feel life is short, and we shouldn't spend so much time tearing each other down.

* Going right along w/ the last one, I am a people pleaser. I can't stand anyone to be upset or disappointed w/ me. I often over-extend myself to do things for others. I say I am going to learn to say "No", but that just hasn't happened. I am not sad about this one, though b/c I do like to help others.

* I really do not enjoy doing laundry or buying groceries b/c I hate putting the stuff up. My closets and cabinets are always in such disarray that it is not fun trying to squeeze stuff in there.

* I LOVE to handwash dishes and clean the toilets. {Yes, you read this correctly!} Know why? B/c NO ONE bothers me while I am doing them. Washing dishes is my 5-10 minutes of no one talking to me. It is my down time. Toilets....ditto.

* I love God & His creations; I love this country & the men/women who protect it; and I love my crazy, lop-sided family - even the liberal ones :)

* I love scrapbooking, but I often struggle w/ where it fits into my life. It is very theraputic for me, but I often feel guilty if the house is messy and I can't bring myself to scrap or clean.

* I am bi-polar when it comes to shopping - on one hand I am a total tightwad, and on the other I will spend whatever on a few things in my life (namely scrap supplies & bare esscentuals make-up)

* I am my own worst enemy. I pick myself apart constantly - not good enough, need to do this, need to stop this; etc. I am certain that is a common characteristic in women!

* I can be too emotional at times. Just last night I was having a conversation w/ J's principal about the teacher we had last year. All of the sudden tears are just pouring out of my eyes b/c of how much this lady meant to us. Where did that come from?!

* I fear that some people take me as fake, but I am very sincere in my motives - if I compliment you, I mean it. And, I actively seek to build people up and thank them. On the flip side, I won't criticize you or tear you down w/o some major provocation.

* I am a work in progress. I really do hope that I am finally on the right road w/ my weight. Thrive has been a godsend for me, and I am so thankful that my skinny friend talked me into joining w/ her.

* I am not motivated by money, possessions or toys. I am content in my 20 year old split level house in our little neighborhood. The people there are great and I enjoy the wooded-lot.

* I am a mother hen when it comes to guarding my child. I filter every TV show, song, and website she interacts with. Sometimes I wonder if I am preventing her from really living.

* I am a die-hard conservative. I will not make apologies for it. I think the Christian values and free enterprise system that this country was built upon is what makes it so great. If you don't like it, move to a socialist country and leave me be.

* I've always tried to do the right things in raising J, especially in nutrition. I used to really obsess on cover all of the food groups in meals, and having everything just so. Probably one of the most liberating experiences I have had, was when my mother-in-law (who is an excellent cook & does go out of her way to home cook most meals) fed my child a frozen dinner one time. It would never had occurred to me to "cheat" like that. Now, we keep one or two on hand for emergencies :)

Please be patient w/ me as I am at this crossroads in my blogging I try to figure out what direction this thing needs to be going in.